A secure whistleblower platform for organizations in accordance with directive 2019/1937

24/7/365 access from any device via a unique internet address. A person can anonymously or openly send a message as a whistleblower. Thanks to our platform, you can implement directive 2019/1937.

We guarantee 100% compliance of the reporting platform with the requirements of directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law

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Internal and external communication channel – 25 languages

Implementation of directive 2019/1937

Compliance with directive 2019/1937

Establishing internal and external communication channels

Opportunity to build competitive advantage

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We support the process of identifying existing irregularities and deficiencies in the field of compliance management in connection with the new requirements of directive 2019/1937 and other industry or sector regulations. The scope of work includes, in particular: compliance audit, compliance risk analysis, compliance mapping, verification of documentation, procedures and IT systems. As a result of our work, recommendations and compliance reports are created, we develop full compliance documentation and prepare your company in accordance with the requirements of directive 2019/1937. We define the necessary adaptation measures for the company. The implementation of compliance and whistleblower protection is comprehensive.





Ochrona sygnalistów

until 17/12/2021

obligation to implement the directive for companies employing +250 employees in Poland and the EU*

Ochrona sygnalistów

until 17/12/2021

obligation to implement in all municipalities with +10,000 inhabitants*

Ochrona sygnalistów

until 17/12/2023

obligation to implement the directive for companies employing +50 employees in Poland and the EU*

Maximum deadlines for the implementation of directive 2019/1937 in Poland

* The Polish legislator may lower the minimum thresholds

Whistleblower Security Europe – internal educational channel

For registered users only, an internal educational channel on whistleblower protection and compliance implementation. You will receive the support of our experts.

Training videos

Training videos on the protection of whistleblowers and their personal data.


Webinars for registered customers. We provide the latest recommendations, guidelines and conclusions.


Podcasts with our training materials. You can deepen your knowledge at any time.

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