Comprehensive implementation of a secure Whistleblower System

We implement a secure Whistleblower System and comprehensive management of the whistleblower protection program. Our system supports 25 languages ​​from Europe and the rest of the world.

We implement whistleblower protection by examining the organization’s vulnerability to risk;

  • Context of the organization (understanding of the organization)
  • Audit of the entity (private or public)
  • Identification, analysis and assessment of compliance risk
  • External processes
  • Internal communication
  • Establishing controls and developing internal procedures
  • Development of internal policies, codes of conduct and other internal regulations
  • Implementation of whistleblower protection
  • Training, increasing the awareness of employees and management
  • Evaluation of the results
  • Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
  • Detection of non-conformities and corrective actions
  • Periodic training 
  • Evaluation of introduced procedures 
  • Constant monitoring of changes in regulations and adaptation measures to new regulations
Implementation of whistleblower protection
Implementation of whistleblower protection

Choose our Whistleblower System. Secure whistleblower channel.

Internal reporting channels;

Under the directive, Member States must ensure that legal entities having 50 or more workers should be subject to the obligation to establish internal reporting channels and procedures. For enterprises having up to 249 employees, it is possible to share the reporting channel with other companies. Reporting channel and procedure must be established to ensure the confidentiality of the reporting person. Acknowledgement of receipt of the report to the reporting person is required within seven days and follow-up within three months (Articles 7-9).

External reporting channels;

Member States should encourage the use of internal reporting before using external measures. However, Member States also need to establish external reporting channels with relevant competent authorities, which are subject to the same confidentiality, acknowledgement and follow-up requirements as internal channels (except that follow-up may, in duly justified cases, be provided within six months). These external reporting channels must report information to the relevant EU institutions (Articles 10-14).

Our interdisciplinary Whistleblower Security Europe team

The Whistleblower Security Europe team consists of: Data Protection Officers, Compliance officers, lawyers, attorneys-at-law, legal advisers, IT specialists in the field of information security and cybersecurity, experienced practitioners and trainers in the field of Compliance implementation and whistleblower protection.

We will effectively implement a whistleblower protection system for your organization.


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