Legal Advisory Team. We provide ongoing assistance of our legal advisers, attorneys and lawyers specializing in Compliance. We check the organization's processes and security in terms of compliance.

Our law firm has many years of experience in legal advice in the field of Compliance, personal data protection law as well as the preparation and implementation of internal corporate regulations ensuring compliance of the company's operations with the law.

The Whistleblower Security Europe team consists of: Data Protection Officers, Compliance officers, lawyers, attorneys-at-law, legal advisers, IT specialists in the field of information security and cybersecurity, experienced practitioners and trainers in the field of Compliance implementation. The team leader is Marek Rębisz, lawyer, graduate of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Faculty of Law and Administration; graduate of MBA studies at Kozminski University in 2007; graduate of postgraduate studies in Intellectual Property Law at the Jagiellonian University in 2018. Author of publications on the protection of personal data. Currently, he is preparing a doctoral dissertation in law in the field of compliance.

The scope of work of our experts;

  1. Provision of materials, procedures, policies and documents related to the implementation of directive 2019/1937 on the protection of whistleblowers.
  2. Provision of knowledge and the best recommendations related to the implementation of the draft act on the liability of collective entities.
  3. Provision of knowledge and the best recommendations related to cybersecurity.
  4. Training and implementation of the above-mentioned areas

The remaining scope of work to be agreed;

  1. Compliance with national regulations and EU directives.
  2. Compliance with other international legal requirements.
  3. Compliance with industry rules, regulations and internal standards.
  4. Information obligation with the market (e.g. public companies, pharmaceutical companies).
  5. Compliance with the quality and standards of production, services provided.
  6. Creation of procedures and the Compliance system in a collective entity.
  7. Implementation, training and compliance with the rules of ethics.
  8. Development of plans to counteract the occurrence of criminal offences.
  9. Compliance training for management and employees.
  10. Verification of partners and contractors in the field of Compliance.
  11. Verification of cooperation agreements.
  12. Verification of all signals and reports of irregularities.
  13. Conducting explanatory and remedial proceedings.
  14. Specifying the rules of conduct in the event of a threat of committing a criminal offence or the consequences of failure to observe the precautionary rules.
  15. Determining the scope of responsibility of the bodies of the collective entity, its other organizational units, its employees or persons authorized to act on its behalf or in its interest.
  16. Identification of a person or organizational unit supervising compliance with the provisions and rules governing the activities of an entity that is at least a medium-sized entrepreneur.
  17. Risk analysis and estimation, as well as risk management (reports and recommendations).
  18. Development and implementation of compliance procedures in a collective entity.
  19. Development of procedures to avoid conflicts of interest.
  20. Counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing.
  21. Protection of personal data and protection of confidential information.
  22. Protection of business secrets.
  23. Verification of compliance with the law and procedures for concluding contracts.
  24. Conducting internal audits and investigations.
  25. Prevention of unethical acts and irregularities in a collective entity.
  26. Supervision over the whistleblower system in a collective entity.
  27. Verification of conflicts of interest.

We carry out the Compliance audit

We check the organization's processes and security in terms of compliance.

We support the process of identifying existing irregularities and deficiencies in the field of compliance management in connection with the new requirements of directive 2019/1937 and other industry or sector regulations. The scope of work includes, in particular: compliance audit, compliance risk analysis, compliance mapping, verification of documentation, procedures and IT systems. As a result of our work, recommendations and compliance reports are created, we develop full compliance documentation and prepare your company in accordance with the requirements of directive 2019/1937. We define the necessary adaptation measures for the company. Compliance implementation is comprehensive.


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